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Signing up at JustMarkets opens the door to Forex trading with a compelling offer a $30 Welcome Bonus for new clients, no deposit required. This promotion serves as an initial stepping stone for newcomers to the financial markets, offering them a head start without any financial commitment.

The bonus is applicable to a special account type named the Welcome Account, and it's designed to be a one-time offer for each registrant, emphasizing the commitment of JustMarkets to supporting new traders' journeys in the Forex market. This opportunity not only paves the way for exploring trading strategies with the $30 no deposit bonus but also introduces participants to JustMarkets' platform, underlining the broker’s role in fostering a conducive environment for trading beginners

Benefits of the $30 JustMarkets $30 Welcome Free Bonus

The $30 JustMarkets Welcome Bonus offers a unique opportunity for new traders to explore the world of Forex without any initial deposit, providing a risk-free start to trading. This bonus is specifically available for trading on FX currency pairs and metals, which are popular choices among traders. The Welcome Account, where this bonus is applied, supports trading in USD, making it accessible and straightforward for a global audience.

Key Trading Conditions

  1. Limited Trading Volume: The maximum order volume for one position is capped at 0.01 lot, and traders can open no more than 5 positions simultaneously.
  2. Expert Advisors Restriction: To ensure that all trades are made by the traders themselves and to maintain the integrity of this introductory offer, the use of robots or Expert Advisors is not permitted.
  3. Swap-Free Accounts: For Muslim traders, the Welcome Accounts are swap-free, adhering to Sharia law and providing an inclusive trading environment.

Trading Duration and Requirements

  • Active Trading Period: The welcome bonus is valid for 30 days from the day of account opening, encouraging traders to actively engage with the platform.
  • Profit Transfer Conditions: To transfer any profits made using the bonus, a trader must trade at least 5 lots within these 30 days, and the profit or loss on a transaction must be at least 6 pips.

Additional Benefits

JustMarkets is not just about the welcome bonus; it is a well-regulated multi-asset broker that has been providing reliable trading services globally for over a decade. The platform uses ECN and STP technologies, ensuring fast and reliable trading executions, with leverage up to 1:300 depending on the trader's country. The broker's commitment to quality service is evident in its comprehensive educational resources for beginners and a suite of trading instruments that cater to various trading strategies and preferences.

This array of benefits underscores JustMarkets' dedication to providing a supportive and advantageous trading environment for newcomers, making the $30 welcome bonus a valuable starting point for anyone looking to venture into Forex trading.

How to Qualify for the JustMarkets $30 Free Welcome Bonus

To qualify for the JustMarkets $30 Free Welcome Bonus, follow these straightforward steps, ensuring you meet all necessary conditions within the stipulated time frame:

Step-by-Step Qualification Process

  1. Register for a New Account: Start by completing the registration process to gain access to JustMarkets' Back Office.
  2. Verify Your Phone Number: As part of the account verification process, provide and confirm your phone number.
  3. Open a Welcome Account: After registration and phone verification, open a Welcome Account to be eligible for the $30 bonus.
  4. Comply with Trading Requirements: Trade at least 5 lots within 30 days of account opening. Each transaction must have a profit or loss of at least 6 pips (60 points).
  5. Adhere to Maximum Limits: Ensure that the maximum order volume does not exceed 0.01 lot and that no more than 5 positions are open simultaneously.

Important Conditions and Restrictions

  • Expert Advisors (EAs) Prohibited: The use of automated trading systems or robots is strictly forbidden in the Welcome Account to ensure fair trading practices.
  • One-time Profit Transfer: You can make only one request to transfer profits from the Welcome Account to a live trading account, such as Standard Cent, Standard, Pro, or Raw Spread accounts.
  • Initial Deposit Requirement for Profit Transfer: To transfer any profits, a minimum deposit of $100 into a live account is necessary 
  • Time-Sensitive Bonus: Be aware that the welcome bonus is often time-sensitive, requiring fulfillment of conditions within a specific period, generally 30 days from account opening.

By following these guidelines and meeting the trading conditions, you can effectively utilize the JustMarkets $30 Free Welcome Bonus to kickstart your trading journey.

Trading with JustMarkets: Features and Support

Comprehensive Trading Platforms and Tools

JustMarkets provides a robust trading environment with platforms like MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, which are available on web, desktop, and mobile versions These platforms are designed to cater to both novice and experienced traders by offering advanced charting tools, automated trading capabilities, and access to comprehensive market research tools. The availability of both MT4 and MT5 allows traders to choose the platform that best suits their trading style and needs 

Diverse Financial Instruments and High Leverage Options

Traders at JustMarkets can enjoy trading a wide range of instruments including Forex, commodities, stocks, indices, and cryptocurrencies This variety ensures that traders have ample opportunities to diversify their portfolios. Additionally, JustMarkets offers exceptionally high leverage of up to 1:3000, which can significantly increase the potential for profit, albeit with a corresponding increase in risk

Support and Educational Resources

JustMarkets excels in customer support, offering services through phone, email, and modern instant messengers. Support is available 24/7 in English, with multilingual support provided 24/5, ensuring that traders can receive assistance whenever needed. Furthermore, JustMarkets is committed to trader education, providing an extensive section dedicated to learning resources, which includes analytics emails and regular updates on market events, helping traders make informed decisions.

Regulatory Assurance and Flexible Account Options

Regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA), JustMarkets adheres to strict regulatory standards, providing traders with a secure and reliable trading environment. The broker offers several account types including Cent, Pro, Standard, and Raw Spread, catering to different trader needs and investment levels. The minimum deposit requirements are accommodating, starting from as low as $1, which makes JustMarkets accessible to traders with varying financial capabilities.

Innovative Trading Features

JustMarkets stays ahead in the competitive forex market by offering innovative features like copy trading, which allows less experienced traders to replicate the positions of more experienced traders automatically. This feature is particularly beneficial for new traders as it enables them to learn strategies and gain confidence in their trading skills. Additionally, JustMarkets offers a Raw Spread account type specifically designed for intraday trading and scalping, providing spreads as low as 0.

Making the Most of Your JustMarkets Free $30 Welcome Bonus

To maximize the benefits of the JustMarkets $30 Welcome Bonus, it's essential to understand the conditions and strategic steps involved in transferring your earned profits. Here’s a clear breakdown:

Step-by-Step Guide to Profit Transfer

  1. Initial Deposit Requirement: Before any profit can be transferred, ensure you deposit at least $100 into a live JustMarkets trading account 1.
  2. Profit Eligibility: The maximum profit that can be withdrawn from the Welcome Bonus is $30. This ensures that you can start your trading with a clear goal in mind.
  3. Fulfilling Bonus Conditions: All conditions associated with the Welcome Bonus must be met before any profit transfer can occur. This includes trading the required lots and adhering to the trading limits.
  4. One-Time Transfer Request: You are allowed a single request to transfer profits from the Welcome Account to a live trading account, which simplifies the process and maintains the integrity of the bonus offer.
  5. Account Balance Reset: Once the profit transfer is completed, the Welcome Account balance will be reset to zero, marking the end of the bonus period.

Important Trading Considerations

  • Trading Instruments: Utilize the bonus on eligible trading instruments, which include FX currency pairs and metals, to maximize potential returns.
  • Account Types for Transfer: Ensure that the live account where profits are transferred has a minimum balance of $100, which is a prerequisite for the transfer process.

By following these guidelines, traders can effectively leverage the JustMarkets $30 Welcome Bonus to kickstart their trading journey while ensuring compliance with the bonus terms. This strategic approach not only helps in maximizing potential profits but also in gaining valuable trading experience in the Forex market.

JustMarkets $30 Welcome Bonus Free Conclusion

Embarking on the journey of Forex trading with JustMarkets offers a unique blend of benefits for beginners, notably through its $30 Welcome Bonus. This incentive not only paves the way for a risk-free introduction into the world of trading but also serves as a testament to JustMarkets' commitment towards fostering a supportive environment for its clientele. By summarizing the inherent opportunities available via the Welcome Bonus, we've outlined an accessible path for new traders to explore financial markets without the immediate need for capital investment. This approach not only demystifies the trading process for novices but also underscores the importance of a strategic start in Forex trading.

In reflection, the array of tools, educational resources, and trading conditions provided by JustMarkets are tailored to enhance the trading experience for both new and seasoned traders. The encouragement to actively engage within the platform's trading conditions — bolstered by insightful support and educational material — ensures that traders are well-equipped to navigate through their trading journey. Furthermore, the provision for profit transfer upon meeting specified conditions exemplifies a practical approach to translating bonus advantages into tangible outcomes. Take your first step into the world of online trading with us, and sign up at JustMarkets to unlock the possibilities that lie ahead in Forex trading, enriched by the $30 Welcome Bonus. This step not only marks the commencement of an educational trading journey but also aligns with practical experience to maximize the benefits derived from the Forex market.


How can I receive the $30 bonus from JustMarkets?

To obtain the $30 bonus at JustMarkets, you must first complete a simple registration to access the Back Office. Then, you can open a Welcome Account by providing your phone number. The $30 bonus becomes available for use once the account is opened. To keep the bonus, you must trade a minimum of 5 lots within a 30-day period.

What does the $30 USD welcome bonus in forex entail?

The $30 USD welcome bonus in forex is an incentive offered by RoboForex for new registrants. Once you deposit funds and register with RoboForex, you are awarded a $30 bonus to initiate trading. This bonus comes with the advantage of unrestricted withdrawal and no hidden fees, offering a solid starting point to engage in trading and explore the financial markets with a trusted broker.

Is it possible to withdraw the bonus money from JustForex?

Yes, you can withdraw profits earned from the bonus money on JustForex, but certain conditions apply. Clients must trade at least five lots within a 30-day period to transfer profits. After earning a profit through the welcome account, the withdrawal must occur within 30 days, as the bonus is only valid for that duration. Additionally, for trades to count towards the trading volume, profits or losses must be at least 6 points or 60 pips.

Which forex broker offers the most attractive bonus?

Several forex brokers are known for providing appealing bonuses. Among the top brokers with bonuses are:

  • XM
  • Forex4you
  • Tickmill
  • RoboForex
  • AvaTrade
  • AMarkets

These brokers have been recognized for their bonus offerings and are worth considering if you are looking for a forex broker with a competitive bonus structure.


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