Up to $200 Forex Cashback Rebates Program by STARTRADER

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STARTRADER is the leading cashback rebates provider in the Forex industry. Get up to $200 back from your trades and increase your profits with our exclusive Forex Cashback Rebates Program. Start trading today and maximize your rewards!

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Get up to $200 cashback on Forex trading with STARTRADER. Our innovative Forex Cashback Rebates program rewards you for your trades, giving you free money to invest and grow your portfolio. Join now and start earning money today

$200 Cashback Reward Terms & Conditions

  1. Please provide the proof to STARTRADER after withdrawing from other brokers. And then if clients deposit over 3000 USD into STARTRADER, the above #1 and #2 Benefit shall be granted at the same time. However, if 3000 USD is not fulfilled, client may only enjoy #1 benefit.
  2. Only closed positions will be calculated. Open positions will not be calculated.
  3. During the promotion, STARTRADER reserves the right to deny client’s qualification of participation, deduct any improper profits, or even terminate partnership with clients if any breach of these terms and condition is found. The breach behavior includes (but not limited to): using same IP address to trade at the same time, conducting multiple accounts (including STARTRADER internal accounts or between different brokers) to arbitrage, scalping, high-frequency trading, latency arbitrage and maliciously hedging, trading oversized positions during trading hours, putting your accounts under single exposure with multiple similar trades, trading products are too concentrated which brings the position in a high risk condition, etc.

Any termination of the partnership (disqualification of events, deduction of improper profits, etc.) caused by imporper trading shall be borne by traders themselves. STARTRADER has sole discretion to determine the trading methods. In addition, for the protection of client’s right and privacy, STARTRADER may not be able to provide relevent proof.

Clients participating in this event are regarded as fully understand and accept the above content. If clients are judged to have improper trading behavior, they have no right to post malicious comments or words that would damage STARTRADER reputation on any social media or channels; otherwise, one should bear legal responsibilities.

  1. STARTRADER preserve the final interpretation right of this promotion.
  2. Please note that this campaign is not applicable to customers in China (Mainland) and Taiwan who hold Islamic accounts
  3. When a client’s balance becomes negative during the promotion, the bonus and the achieved cash transfer amount will be offset against the liquidation amount. When your negative balance exceeds 1000USD, STARTRADER reserves the right to refuse client to clear negative balance.

7.Positions must be held for at least 10 minutes

Get up to $200 cash back when you open and trade with STARTRADER. Our Forex Cashback Rebates Program rewards you for each trade you make, helping you save money and increase your profits.


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