$88 Spring Forex Credit Bonus by Hantec Financial

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Get ready for spring and boost your trading with a special offer of an extra $88 in Forex Credit Bonus when you open your account with Hantec Financial.

Direct Offer Link: Get an $88 Forex Trading Credit Bonus with Hantec Financial

Invest in the market with confidence – get your $88 Spring Forex Credit Bonus now and enjoy a commission-free trading environment!

Make a Net Deposit* of $50 USD to get your $88 Spring Forex Credit Bonus

Step 1: Create a trading account in Hantec Financial.

Step 2: Deposit $50 USD.

Step 3: Register via this link to get $88 Spring Forex Credit Bonus

The Net Deposit is calculated by 10 days before the day of registration.

All Existing and new Hantec Financial clients are welcome to join (Malaysian Only).

$88 Spring Forex Credit Bonus Terms & Conditions

Registration Period: 1 March -31 March

The $88 Trading Credit Bonus will be valid for 30 days upon successful application.

Participants: All Existing and new Hantec Financial clients are welcome to join (Malaysian Only).

Net deposit requirement is 50 USD, clients have the net deposit over 50 USD simply can apply for the $88 Spring Forex Credit Bonus.

The Net Deposit is calculated by 10 days before the day of registration*

During the campaign period, customers who finish 4 lots of trades on XAUUSD/XAGUSD/Forex/Oil will receive a withdrawable cash bonus $88 in their accounts.

The client will apply for the credit bonus by the registration Form: https://hantecfinancial-my-88campaign.paperform.co

The $88 Trading Credit Bonus. Will be cancelled in the event of a successful withdrawal or internal transfer out.

After Online registration, the $88 Trading Credit Bonus. Will be added to the MT4 account no later than the next working day. The credit bonus is fully tradable but cannot be withdrawn. When the account equity is less than 0, the credit is still effective, and the client can still trade. Client must be aware if this balance is negative, when he makes a deposit upon negative balance, he will bear the loss of his own action.


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