Earn up to 1000 USD in the Lirunex Trading Contest 2022

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Lirunex attempts to deliver the finest possible service to its clients. Trading Contest 2022 is a new campaign that they announced today. This competition has a total prize fund of $3000 USD. The first prize is 1000 USD, with the second place finisher receiving 600 USD, the third place finisher receiving 400 USD, and the fourth place finisher receiving 200 USD. The top ten traders will be inducted into the Lirunex Hall of Fame as well.

Direct Bonus Link: 88% Forex Deposit Bonus.

Connected Bonus Link: Forex Trading Contest 2022.

Bonus Time: Limited Timing.

Bonus Tagline: Trading Contest 2022.

Bonus Fit For: New Account.

How do I obtain the Bonus?

  • Create a Live Trading Account
  • Before trading, make a deposit of at least $200 USD.
  • To be at the top of the trade
  • Obtain the reward


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