Free Gives Away 100000 USD to Traders

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A trade and promotion sponsored by NordFX is offering 200 rewards, including two $10,000 Super Prizes. Continue trading as normal to be eligible for a cash award that can be withdrawn without limitation.

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Connected Bonus Link: 200 Prizes and 2 Super Prizes of $10,000

Available to: All New and Existing Customers.

Bonus Period: There is a time restriction.

How to Take Part:

  • Make a trading account. If you don't already have one, acquire one.
  • Contribute at least $200 USD to the campaign.
  • To join the draw, you must trade at least 2 lots in Forex pairs, gold, or silver, or 4 lots in silver.

To Win:

  • The winners were picked at random using a lottery.
  • The lottery is broken into three stages: two intermediate and one grand final.
  • Each stage will last three months. Each stage concludes with a draw.

Cash Out:

  • Completely reversible.


  • General Terms and Conditions apply.


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