Get Moneta Markets Forex 25% Rescue Deposit Bonus

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This is the 25% Rescue bonus, which is the most recent and unique incentive granted by the Moneta Markets broker to its traders. If you begin your trading with a deposit of $1,000 USD or more and lose up to 75% of your credit, you will be eligible for the 25% incentive to return to your winning position.

Direct Bonus Link: 25% Forex Rescue Bonus
Direct Bonus Link: 100% Free Trading Signals

Catchable for: All merchants.

Illustrated for: Infinite time.

How can I obtain a 25% bonus:

  • Open a forex live trading account 
  • Deposit $1000 or more 
  • Access the Moneta broker assets & instruments of 1000+ 
  • Show them the trading improvement of your losses of 75%
  • Earn the 25% bonus by completing the opt-in form.


  • General Terms and Conditions apply.


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