Get a $30 No Deposit Bonus from Just Global Markets

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Take advantage of the $30 Free Forex Welcome Bonus offered by Just Global Markets. Begin trading without having to make a deposit and unlock your full trading potential with this enticing opportunity. Enroll now!

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Just Global Markets is providing a $30 no deposit bonus to initiate your forex trading adventure. Take advantage of this thrilling offer by signing up now and begin trading to enhance your trading capabilities without making any initial investments. Utilize this opportunity to acquire valuable experience in the forex market and improve your trading abilities without jeopardizing your own funds. Don't let this opportunity slip away to jumpstart your forex trading journey with Just Global Markets.

Steps to Receive a $30 No Deposit Bonus

Create a Live Trading Account

Upon completing a basic registration procedure, you will be granted entry to the Back Office.

Start a Live Trading Account

Upon opening a Welcome Account, you will have access to a $30 bonus. Simply provide your phone number to successfully open the account.

Initiate live trading

In order to meet the requirement, you must complete at least 5 trades within a 30-day time frame. The profit or loss for each trade must be a minimum of 6 pips (60 points).

Move your earnings from trading

Move your money from the Welcome Free Account to any of the available account options such as Standard Cent, Standard, Pro, or Raw Spread.

Rules for Receiving a Forex No Deposit Welcome Bonus

The "Welcome Account" is a unique account type that allows users to access the $30 Forex No Deposit Bonus.

Traders who are already registered are not eligible to create a $30 Free Forex Welcome account.

Clients are limited to opening only one Welcome account and receiving the Free Welcome Bonus of $30 once.

It is not allowed to open multiple Bonus accounts, including those that are registered under the name of the Client's relatives. If the Company has a reasonable suspicion that multiple accounts are being controlled by one person or a group of people working together, those accounts will be permanently blocked. Any funds in the $30 Welcome Accounts will also be withheld.

In order to receive the $30 No Deposit Welcome Bonus, traders must first create a Back Office account and then open a new Welcome account. The credited Bonus funds will be automatically added to their live trading account.


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