PU Prime 100% Trading Bonus up to $10,000

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You can get up to $10,000 in cashback the next day when you trade with PU Prime. For every standard lot traded throughout the promotion period (calculated in increments of US$0.15/0.1 lot), receive a cashback of US $1.50 in your PU Prime account, up to a maximum of US $10,000. Make a deposit of at least US $2000 and start trading right away!

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Bonus For: Limited Timing.

Bonus Fit For: New & Existing Customers.

Trading Period:

  • 30 days, beginning from the day of activation.

How to participate and Get Bonus:

  • Click on the top link and go and activate button on the Promotions page in the Client Portal.

  • Deposit a minimum of US$2000 to begin. This promotion is only valid for the first deposit made during the promotion period.


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