$30 Welcome Bonus account for new forex traders from Asia

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Get a $30 Welcome Bonus account for new forex traders from Asia and kickstart your trading journey with this exclusive offer. Sign up now and start trading with a bonus!

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In the dynamic world of forex trading, where every little advantage counts, the JustMarkets Welcome Bonus account emerges as a golden opportunity for new traders in Asia. Offering a $30 Welcome Bonus with no deposit required, this initiative is designed to provide an exceptional head start for those looking to dive into forex trading without the initial financial burden. By easing the entry for newcomers, JustMarkets aims not only to expand access to forex markets but also to foster a learning environment where beginners can trade with less pressure and more confidence.

This article delves into the specifics of the JustMarkets Welcome Bonus account, highlighting the convenience of bonus registration, the simplicity behind the account opening process, and the unique trading conditions that accompany this offer. Readers will be guided through the necessary steps to register and open a bonus account, explore how to effectively trade using the $30 bonus, and understand the methods for transferring and withdrawing profits. Furthermore, key bonus terms, trading restrictions, and broker promotions will be examined to ensure traders can make the most out of this promotional offer, marking a solid beginning in their forex trading journey.

Overview of the JustMarkets $30 Welcome Bonus account 

Understanding the Promotion

The $30 Welcome Bonus by JustMarkets is crafted specifically for new clients, providing a unique opportunity to engage in live financial trading without any initial deposit. This promotion is a no deposit bonus, meaning new clients can start trading immediately after registering and verifying their account. The bonus is designed to be accessible exclusively to clients in Asia, ensuring that traders from this region can leverage this opportunity to enhance their trading skills without financial risk.

Benefits for New Forex Traders

For new forex traders, the $30 Welcome Bonus offers several significant advantages. Firstly, it allows traders to test the trading platform and strategies without investing their own funds, thereby minimizing the initial financial risk. Secondly, profits earned from trading with the bonus are withdrawable under specific conditions, such as trading a minimum of 5 lots within 30 days and funding the account with $100 USD to transfer the profits. This setup not only encourages new traders to learn the nuances of forex trading but also provides them with a potential to earn while they learn, making it a beneficial starting point for anyone new to forex markets.

Steps to Register and Open an Account

Registration Process

To initiate the trading journey with the $30 Welcome Bonus, new clients must first register an account. This can be done through the official website of the broker, where they should fill out the registration form with their personal details. Once the registration form is submitted, clients are directed to their personal area where they can proceed with the next crucial step: verification.

Verification Process

Verification is a mandatory step to ensure the security and authenticity of the account. New clients need to verify their account by providing valid identification documents such as a passport or ID card. This can typically be done by uploading the required documents directly through the broker’s website. After the documents are submitted, the verification process will be completed, usually within a few business days, depending on the broker’s review system. Once verified, clients can then access the promotions section in their personal area and select "Get the bonus" to officially claim their $30 Welcome Bonus. This step is crucial as it not only secures the account but also activates the bonus for trading use.

Trading with the Welcome Bonus

Eligible Trading Instruments

When trading with the JustMarkets $30 Welcome Bonus, traders have a selection of instruments at their disposal. The eligible trading instruments include Forex and Metals, allowing traders to diversify their trading strategies. This variety ensures that traders can choose markets that best fit their trading style and market understanding.

Trading Conditions and Limits

The trading conditions for the $30 Welcome Bonus are designed to provide a balanced opportunity for new traders. The minimum order volume set is 0.01 lot, which allows for low-risk trading while getting accustomed to market conditions. Additionally, the maximum open positions a trader can hold at any given time is capped at 5 lots, ensuring that trading remains manageable and within reasonable risk levels.

Traders must be aware of the trading requirements to make the most of their bonus. For instance, to withdraw profits, they must trade at least 20 lots within 30 days. Moreover, the profits should be up to $100, and more than $50 profits can be withdrawn at one time, with a maximum withdrawal limit of $500 from the bonus account. These conditions are crucial for effectively managing the bonus and potential earnings.

How to Transfer and Withdraw Profits

Meeting Trading Requirements

To withdraw profits from the $30 Welcome Bonus, traders must first meet specific trading requirements. These include trading a minimum of 5 lots within a 30-day period and ensuring that the profit or loss from each transaction is at least 6 points. These conditions are designed to encourage active trading and familiarize traders with market dynamics before they can transfer profits.

Steps for Profit Transfer

Once the trading requirements are met, traders can transfer their earned profits. This is typically done by transferring the profits from the Welcome Bonus account to standard trading accounts such as Standard Cent, Standard, Pro, or Raw Spread accounts. It's important for traders to follow the specific steps outlined by their broker to ensure a smooth transfer process.

Important Notes on Withdrawal

While the initial $30 Welcome Bonus cannot be withdrawn, the profits generated from it can be, provided traders adhere to the broker's terms. Some brokers may require a minimum deposit or a set number of trades before allowing withdrawals. Additionally, traders should be aware of any potential fees associated with withdrawing profits and should consult their broker's terms and conditions to optimize their withdrawals.


Throughout this article, we've explored the manifold benefits and the comprehensive process involved in seizing the JustMarkets $30 Welcome Bonus offer. This unique opportunity stands as a solid stepping stone for new traders in Asia, paving the way toward a potentially successful forex trading voyage without the initial financial strain. By delving into the details of how to register, trade, and manage profits with this bonus, our discussion has illuminated a path for beginners to navigate the forex world with increased confidence and minimal risk.

The JustMarkets $30 Welcome Bonus not only democratizes access to global forex markets for newcomers but also encapsulates the essence of learning by doing—allowing traders to experiment with strategies and gain real trading experience. As we've seen, the combination of supportive trading conditions, educational potential, and the possibility of earnings underscores the significance of this offer in kickstarting one's trading journey. While this marks the end of our guide, it may well be the beginning of an enlightening trading journey for many, emphasizing the value of such promotions in fostering a new generation of skilled forex traders in Asia.


  1. What are some forex brokers that provide a $30 welcome bonus? Several forex brokers offer a $30 no-deposit welcome bonus. Notable among them are:

    • JustMarkets: Recognized as the best overall forex broker offering a $30 USD welcome bonus.
    • XM: Known for requiring no or a low initial deposit.
    • HF Markets: A regulated broker that accepts traders from South Africa.
    • Tickmill: Distinguished for its low spreads and high leverage.
  2. How can I obtain the $30 bonus from XM? To claim your $30 bonus from XM, follow these steps:

    • Open a real account with XM.
    • Log into the Members Area using the credentials provided in your welcome email.
    • Verify your account by submitting the necessary identification documents, if not already done.
    • Click the "Claim your Bonus" button to receive the bonus.
  3. What is the process to claim the $30 bonus from JustMarkets? At JustMarkets, you can claim the $30 bonus by:

    • Opening a Welcome Account and providing your phone number.
    • Trading at least 5 lots within a 30-day period.
    • Ensuring that the profit or loss from a transaction is at least 6 pips (60 points).
  4. How do I receive the $30 bonus from RoboForex? To get the $30 welcome bonus from RoboForex, you need to:

    • Open a cent or standard MT4/MT5-based account with USD or EUR as the base currency.
    • Complete the verification process for your identity, address, and phone number in your Members Area.
    • Deposit funds into your account.


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